Hair Care | GILL #NoFlakeZone

Not to be judgemental or anything, and yes, I was once there, but as fellas we need to quit using a boar of soap (in some refined cases, shower gel) from head to toe. Your hair, face, and body have different rules when it comes to routine cleansing.

Today we focus on your hair.

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L’Occitane Shave Pack Review

I don’t really shave much, mainly because I enjoy having facial hair. The other possibility might be that I look 16 or so without it, I guess we’ll never really know.

What I actually do is that I trim my beard along my cheeks and on my neck to keep things neat and tidy. The issue is that when I do shave, I use both a razor and a portable electric trimmer. The trimmer is to shape my beard and the razor is to make sure everything is smooth. This causes razor burn. If you’ve shaved, you’ll know that razor burn is annoyingly uncomfortable as your skin is quite sensitive. 

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