Why Wear A Watch? | Superbalist Top 5 Watch Picks

Why wear a watch anymore? I mean you can check the time in your phone, right? No, not quite right.

So when I was about 10, my mom got me a Swatch watch. I remember it quite vividly: it came in a purple capsule-like container and was quite hard to open for me. It had a rubber strap that didn’t quite fit me, so we had to go get a new strap. I decided on an adjustable velcro strap that was embroiled with blue and gold detailing. I was 10 so needless to say I lost it a few months later and I just used my phone to check the time.

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African Pride Hotel, Melrose Arch Experience

A few gents and I were recently invited to have an overnight staycation at Melrose Arch Hotel, which is part of the African Pride, Autograph Collection (of) Hotels.

It’s actually a strangely enjoyable thing to stay in a hotel in your own city; I mean home is right here. It felt even stranger because I stay just 10 minutes away from the hotel.

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Hair Care | GILL #NoFlakeZone

Not to be judgemental or anything, and yes, I was once there, but as fellas we need to quit using a boar of soap (in some refined cases, shower gel) from head to toe. Your hair, face, and body have different rules when it comes to routine cleansing.

Today we focus on your hair.

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Cigar’s I’ve Tried (and you probably want to try too)

One of my favourite things to do in my downtime is to cook a good meal, have a drink, and smoke a cigar. I play my “township” jazz or apple chill mix playlist in the background and just kick it. I don’t get the opportunity to do so very often but when I do, I make sure its worth it.

I am no guru or cigar connoisseur but I’ve smoked a number of cigars and I have a few favourites that I’d recommend so far:

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Sunglass Care 101

So the other day a mate gives me a call and asks me to go to an audition with her. We’re both hungover from our individuals shenanigans from the previous night; I obviously grab my zazz (sunglasses) so I can hide my sins from last night. One of the crucial roles that zazz plays in my life.

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L’Occitane Shave Pack Review

I don’t really shave much, mainly because I enjoy having facial hair. The other possibility might be that I look 16 or so without it, I guess we’ll never really know.

What I actually do is that I trim my beard along my cheeks and on my neck to keep things neat and tidy. The issue is that when I do shave, I use both a razor and a portable electric trimmer. The trimmer is to shape my beard and the razor is to make sure everything is smooth. This causes razor burn. If you’ve shaved, you’ll know that razor burn is annoyingly uncomfortable as your skin is quite sensitive. 

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Emporio Armani Store Visit | Mall of Africa

Emporio Armani is the second brand under the Armani family. It features ready to wear and runway collections and is one of two brands in the family that are designed mainly by Giorgio Armani himself (the other being Giorgio Armani).

I was recently invited the mall to experience the newly opened Emporio Armani store to learn a bit more about the premium brand and the mall itself. 

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