Emporio Armani Store Visit | Mall of Africa

Emporio Armani is the second brand under the Armani family. It features ready to wear and runway collections and is one of two brands in the family that are designed mainly by Giorgio Armani himself (the other being Giorgio Armani).

I was recently invited the mall to experience the newly opened Emporio Armani store to learn a bit more about the premium brand and the mall itself. 

Mall of Africa

Mall of Africa is South Africa’s largest shopping mall ever built in a single phase. Nestled between Joburg and Pretoria, the mall was incepted to be the centrepiece of Waterfall City. The mall is home to 300+ stores and boasts a large collection of our favourite local and international brands. It is easily accessible to most of Gauteng, especially with the help of the Gautrain and Gau-Bus.

The Store

The store is operated by The Surtee Group which has, over the last 15 years, grown to be one of the largest and most recognised high-end fashion retail groups in South Africa. The group has brands such as Giorgio Armani, Tiger of Sweden, Lacoste, Versace, and more under their umbrella; all of which are available at the Mall of Africa.

About Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani is for the young at mind and gives us a comprehensive and modern lifestyle collection. The brand is targeted especially at young professionals in the 25 to 35 year old age group, and provides fashionable and contemporary designs that are relevant to us. In the store you can find tailored suiting, athleisure, evening wear and an array of shoes and accessories.

You will notice that in the pictures there are items from other brands under the Armani family: This as a result of the fashion house’s 2017 decision to streamline Armani Collezioni and Armani Jeans into the Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani and A|X Armani Exchange names. The strategy will be effective starting with the Spring 2018 collections. Although the sub-brands allowed Armani to operate in different segments of the market, this is a decision I fully support. This is mainly because the existence of too many labels under the family can be confusing and in some cases deteriorate the sense of value the customer sees in the brand.

In the meantime, you can take advantage of the change as it means that a lot of items will be on sale until the new stock arrives!


On that (shopping) note, Mall of Africa and I have partnered up to give YOU a R5000 Gift Card! You can use the gift card to buy yourself some Armani or anything else that tickles your fancy, at any store in the Mall. All you have to do is comment below and tell me what YOU would do if you won the R5000 Gift Card! Once that is done, follow me on Twitter and Instagram, then follow Mall of Africa on Instagram to complete your entry!

Good luck!

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  1. For a R5000 gift card – I would purchase some clothing essentials for work (advised by The Bearded Muse, of course) and set aside a day out at the mall with my significant-other for Valentines Day.

  2. Wow, what would I do if you won the R5000 Gift Card! I would really ask you to be my fashionista Stylist is picking up a suit.

  3. Well, what I would do with the voucher is get myself a nice suit from the Armani range, it’s always better dressing up for the position you want. Always show up with a touch of class.

  4. If i had to win the R5000 voucher, I’m most definitely getting myself a pair of those Armani trainers.
    They too stylish and would go with most items in my closet

  5. If I win this voucher, first thing I would do is get school supplies for an under privileged child, then after that there is bag from Armani that is calling my name.

  6. I’d refresh my wardrobe with all the essentials for the year with the gift voucher! Definitely getting new shoes too.

  7. R5000.00?? I’d definitely start off with the Summer Mania Homme fragrance, to make sure I have a devine scent throughout this heat season, then top it off with deep brown leather loafers. Simple.

  8. I would spoil my man because honestly my boo just spoils Tf outta me and id love to give him a lil spoil this valentine’s day ! Thanks dawg

  9. Once every millennia, Dandy God’s live amongst us, and I happen to be one. But what’s a Dandy without proper cotton & style? So please hit up the Dandiest with a young gift card.

  10. What a stunning blog! I wish I had found you sooner. Oozing sophistication. I love it !
    Should I win, which I really hope I do, I would spend the money on corporate clothing as I am starting a new job soon and I’m totally amped. Love and Light, Phumzile

  11. I would definatley get the best formal shoes and blazers for this my Practical legal studie. Look great while helping people.

  12. For R5000, I would spoil my beloved wife for our four year anniversary! We would start with a meal at the life grande cafe, in which we would be treat with the most exquisite delights as we share and reminisce on memories of our relationship, then I would spoil her with a nice bag Armani bag as she has enrolled for a course at a designer school, and what is a designer without a designer bag! Lastly I would finish the night off with a visit to the Lindt Seeet shop, where she could devour all the chocolate that she wants, as she’s been nothing but a Queen to me!

  13. Since I don’t have the financial muscle at the moment. If I won, I’d purchase a wheelchair (@ Dischem) for my great-grandmother. 2017 was the big celebration of her 90th year as an icon living, but unfortunately, age caught up to her mobility.

  14. I would honestly go on a shopping spree especially given the fact that a lot of brands are on sale now. One could get some sick items with 5k. I hope I am the lucky one.

  15. I’ve been following the bearded muse for a while now. So I think with this voucher I’d ask Thato to accompany me as we go shopping and improve my look cause I think his the right guy to do this . I trust his fashion tips and style guide . As a student we have to dress up in casual 24/7 so repeating clothes isn’t a good thing so this voucher can help with getting enough clothes for school .

  16. R5 000 gift card: I would use some to buy a few pieces for my new place in JHB (moving from Cape Town) and I would buy my dad a young something for his birthday (21 January) because you know Jan is always a tough month financially and I would like to put a smile on the old mans face.

  17. If I were to win to win the gift card, actually nah when I win the gift card (I’m an optimistic like that hahah). I’d go on a much needed shopping spree, making sure that I get some good quality and versatile essentials because quality goes a long way. Not forgetting some nice accessories because they turn a basic outfit into a more put together outfit. If there’s some change well…… A guy gotta eat so I’d get some good food . Basically that’s what I would do WHEN I win the gift card.

  18. R5000.00 would really do justice on building up my corporate look for work. Getting to look like the part, professional and stylish. The aim is to make a statement, and a gift for my parents for their support.

  19. If I won the R5000 voucher, I’d first and foremost get myself a stunning Emporio Armani handbag and shoes to die for.

    Fab blog, by the way x.

  20. If I won the voucher I would buy my mum a beauty products from clicks and an Armani purse, as a token of appreciation for all that she has done for me and is still doing for me.

  21. Firstly I’d assist my parents by buying my lil brother some clothes since well he’s gonna be doing his first year in varsity. I feel he has to have access to a variety of clothes since well he’s stepping out of the school uniform life and also get myself a pair of Chelsea boots because I’ve been meaning to buy them since 2016 but because of lack of funds I can’t.

  22. R5000.00 would really do justice on building up my corporate look for work. Getting to look like the part, professional and stylish. The aim is to make a statement, and a gift for my parents for their support/ support system.

  23. My sister is going to do her 1st year this year and my mother is in the tight spot taking 2 kids to varsity same time. I’ll help her cut the costs by buying my sister all the essentias needed at res and clothes for her to wear when going to class. I know the struggle of not having enough clothes. You don’t even have motivation to go class.

  24. Nelspruit based student, so when l saw this l went YASSS!!! l have never been to Mall of Africa ( l know its just sad) But l would first be more excited to explore the mall first. And with the R5 000 gift card- spoil myself with clothes( get a top from Emporio Armani Store & some Woolies shoes). And off course buy myself food since its tough being an independant student.

  25. I’d use it in anyway possible to help expand my photography advantage, anything that’ll benefit my photography to the next level. (Possibly make a down payment for a camera)

  26. If I win..I will go on shopping spree, I will buy birthday gifts for all my friends and family that had birthdays this #Januworry month, my‍aunt was the 1st, Love ❤️ was the 2nd, grandma & brother 8th, ‍friend 11th,sister 16th, uncle & girlfriend 19th, cousin 20th,cousin 22nd, cousin 24th, friend 26th, baby girl & friend 27th and last but not least my sweet cousin on the 31st. You can imagine how it feels like not being able to buy presents for all of them in January cause it’s believed to be a tough month since all the money was spent in festive season. This will really be a blessing, I’m holding thumbs for this one ☝#EmporioArmani #TheBeardedMuse #MallOfAfrica #Miracleshappen this will come in handy at least I would have bought them something, no matter how little it is..it will be from the heart ♥️ and with love

  27. I would spend it all at Emporio Armani. I saw the clothes you wore and posted and I thought i would definitely buy those.

  28. If i were to win the R5000 gift card, i would firstly thank God for blessing me with this fantastic prize, spoil my mum with a beautiful gift for all the times shes been there for me, spare a few for the less privileged and lastly spoil myself with something suave and stylish from Emporio Armani as i’ve always been one for looking classy 🙂

    Here’s crossing fingers, toes and everything in between to win this phenomenal prize!

  29. Having completed my B-Tech in Quantity Surveying, coming from an average family, I.would use the money to purchase clothing for my Graduation on the 8th of May. This would really help me in looking my best when celebrating completing varsity on record time even through so many financial trials.

  30. I’m definitely buying a fresh pair of white sneakers and a few pairs of pants. Seems like it’s the new trend and my closet seriously needs an upgrade.

  31. I’m a full time post grad student at Wits, and as requirement to complete the program; I need to do an internship at a firm for two months. I’d use the money to buy formal wear. Using your blog as a guide, I’m almost certain a nigga will look fresh as ever; and secure a fulltime job with a great look and top performance. Do best!

  32. Yoh bhuti . I would legit spoil myself with some heels and nice handbags . You know the girl gotta look good for her first year at varsity . Heyyyy Im going all out . Thanks.

  33. A R5000 gift card would do wonders for a 22 year old medical student who is set to start going to hospital for early clinical rotations this year. You’ve given us some sick inspo for semi-formal looks that i would cop with the 5k gift card then rock during ward rounds (so i can give my scrubs a rest). I think i’ve jacked your style enough to have some items in the closet but this 5k would allow me to get those finishing quality touches to the many looks i wanna rock in and out of hospital! Is it not TheBeardedMuse who once said “It’s all in the details.”

  34. My son is turning 1 in March … I would love to give him the world so I’d spend the voucher getting him a whole lot of spoils… My mom is celebrating her birthday in a few days and she keeps telling me that she doesn’t need gifts coz my son is the best gift she could’ve asked for, so I would surprise her with something special as well ☺️

  35. With R5000 I’d take my girl out for Valentine shopping and hAve a sneaker date. Buy some dope sneakers for us both and just bask in love

  36. I am training to be a counsellor (at an institute near the mall) ; so doing practicals. This voucher would help me find a professional/student/chill but classy look to match my Awesome () personality.

  37. What I would do with R5000 is buy some corporate clothes such as formal shoes, shirts, and so forth as I will be starting my first job this coming month. You know how it is it’s tough getting clothes when you haven’t received your first pay cheque

  38. With 5K! Work threads, fashion sense is isn’t my strong point but 5k will definitely help in the shoes and skinny chino department some new shirts nyana, plus that could double as a meal voucher for mampara week

  39. My wardrobe needs a serious make over, l cannot recall when last l went for a shopping spree. I would love to win the R5 000 voucher to spoil myself with clothes and some makeup to enhance my skin. And also would love to explore the mall since l have never been there. #Armani #MallOfAfrica

  40. If i won the 5k voucher I would buy a fridge ! Lol just moved into my own place and the house is quite empty and with all the things i need to buy a fridge is #1 on that list

  41. With the R5000 voucher I’d buy housing appliances & furniture, as well as clothing for college & my part time work, especially for meeting clients. I’m in desperate need of either.. besides it would be an incredible birthday gift since my birthday is coming up soon.

  42. Wow 5 tao gift voucher would really go a long way. Firstly, my bedroom needs some love. I haven’t been able to buy anything since I moved in in 2016 so I’ll use the voucher to buy a few items for my bed, curtains and a few other essentials. Secondly, my mom needs some cheering up. She hasn’t been herself since she lost her husband my dad last year so I’d get her a few items as well. And lastly a gift for a special male friend who has been there for me during the loss of my dad. So I’d definitely get him an item from #EmporioArmani to thank him for being an amazing friend and maybe get myself a nice bag for when I’m employed to look the part. And I haven’t had a chance to check out #MallofAfrica So this would be the perfect date at the mall, spending the voucher that is.

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